Perennials are a wonderful group of plants.  Planted in the right spot for their qualities (including climate zone, sun & water requirements, soil type, exposure, life expectancy, etc....) herbaceous perennials will return year ofter year.  Herbaceous means that their foliage dies down to the ground by winter, and grows again the following year when the conditions are right for it to grow.  Some start growth early, others wait and show life later.  A good example would be peonies, oriental poppies, maltese cross, and rudbeckia.  Then there are woody perennials; they have a framework of woody stems that do not die down to the ground; some start growth in the spring by showing buds along the length of their stems, and others are evergreen (lavender is a good example).  Biennials are plants that live for only 2 years; they spend their first year putting out foliage, and only bloom in their second year.  Once they set seed, they are done and die.  For a continuous show, plant every year - some will be growing their leaves and others will be blooming.  A good example is Foxglove.

There are thousands of perennials available today.  Breeders and propagators have been busy!  Every year there are hundreds of new selections to choose from.  A change of colour, texture, leaf shape, height & width, number of blooms, length of blooming, hardiness, disease resistance, heat tolerance, light requirements, on and on it goes, are all factors that determine new varieties.

We decided to grow perennials that are well suited to the Thompson/Okanagan/Shuswap areas of B.C.  Among other things, that means hardy, heat tolerant, drought tolerant, sun loving, low maintenance plants.  This doesn't exclude some shade-lovers!  We don't do high-maintenace, fussy plants - even though some are so beautiful!

We also want to focus on more unusual plants, not just the same ones you can buy anywhere even though they are popular for a reason.  It takes time, energy, and focus to grow plants for sale, and that 24 hours in a day fills up really quickly!!

Groundcovers are another area we are expanding.  They are so useful!!  Some are quick to cover, others grow more slowly, some for full blazing sun, others for shade, and even some for that hard to cover area - dry shade under trees.  We won't sell plants that aren't hardy!  Of course, that depends on where your garden is.  A zone 5 sedum won't survive in a zone 3 garden, but it will thrive when planted in a spot that satisfies its requirements.

Rather than just give a list of what we have to offer, or spend the endless hours giving detailed information on every plant (which has been duplicated many times and available easily on the internet), we give you options.  You can send us an email (click here or go to the contact us page) with your questions or inquiries.  Or, better yet, come and visit us at the Kamloops Farmers' Market on Saturdays on the 200 block of St. Paul St (open from April to the end of October).  There you can browse our selection, ask questions, and have fun as well!  We love the interaction!  If there are sufficient requests for a particular plant, we will consider growing it for the next season.


 Anemone  Sylvestris

Arabis and Creeping Phlox 

 Belamcandra Chinensis                                                                              Evening Primrose 'Sunset Boulevard'