Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki' 

Shrubs and trees

Growing shrubs and trees takes a considerable amount of room.  Fortunately, we have a few acres to play with.  As that 24 hours a day does fill up fast, we are not going to grow a huge variety of either.  First of all, we will only spend our time and energy growing plants that are hardy for our region, and that are low maintenance.

Our personal favourite are lilacs.  We love scented plants!  They are hardy, have lovely shapes, are scented (the varieties we grow are), long-lived, low maintenace, and have multiple purposes.

In January 2011, we have 16 offerings of shrubs, and not just lilacs!  Please enquire, or visit us at the Kamloops Farmers' Market on Saturdays, on the 200 block of St. Paul St., downtown, from 23rd April to the end of October.

All of our trees are grown from seed, right here on the South Thompson River.  Yes, you read that right, from seed.  That alone proves they are hardy here.  Besides, it is an amazing process to experience.  Harvesting the seed, stratifying, planting, exercising patience while waiting to see what comes up, and watching them grow - the whole process is facinating!  We offer 7 different trees.

Then there are the rare trees, the ones that go outside for the summer, and come back in before autumn.  We grow them as interior trees, suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, and businesses. 

We have coffee arabica, grown from seeds I harvest from my own coffee tree.  We are growers - I personally would never roast my coffee beans and drink the coffee!  It's way more interesting and challenging for us to plant the seeds!  Plus, that way we can share the beauty and uniqueness of having your own coffee tree.

Our other interior tree is the peppercorn tree.  The tree that peppercorns come from.  It is native to South America, and won't survive outside here, but by putting it in a pot and giving it the benefit of summers outside, it can thrive and live in our conditions.  The leaves are very unusual! 


 Catalpa                                                                                        Coffee Arabica tree


Peppercorn Tree