Annuals,herbs and tomatoes

An annual is a plant that only lives for one growing season.  They are usually planted out in late spring/early summer, when the weather has warmed and the frosts are done.  They are wonderful for adding colour, filling in between perennials, covering where bulbs have bloomed earlier, and of course for hanging baskets and containers.

We grow only a few bedding plants, some of them are quite rare and very unusual looking!  They thrive here and are easy to grow, but are very hard to find, which is why we grow them!

A couple of decades ago we specialized in herbs, selling them at several farmers' markets, including Granville Island in Vancouver.  Because of the number of requests in Kamloops, we decided to grow them again.  We will have lots available when the weather warms up! These include: Rosemary, french taragon, basil (several types), parsley (flat & curly leaf), sage, thyme, lemon thyme, chives, greek oregano, lovage.