Yes, you have reached the seed page, below is the newly updated seed list.

How to place an order

 You'll need to know this first! 

 Take a few minutes & have a good look at both the main listing of seeds & our 'additions' page.

 Note which seeds you want. 

 Send us an email with your list, you can abbreviate the names, we'll understand, we grow them!   Don't forget to include your name and mailing address.

 Once we have your list we can check our stock & get back to you with the total $.

 We accept etransfers,(no password needed) or cash if meeting in person.

 Once your transfer is received, you seeds will be mailed.

 For best results, follow the planting instructions on the seed packets.

 Your success is important to us.

 Thank you for supporting local growers.

                  Our email can also be found on the  contact us  page if you need more information. 

                   2023 will have some changes to our tomato and garlic varieties and other popular edibles.

    We have additional seeds that are being discontinued or we have a limited supply,

 Click the lower link to see these.

 Please click the second link below to see our latest seed catalogue.

The link to Gardening BC, is an article by Brian Minter, in which he talks about best practices of buying and planting seeds. We are in no way connected to Mr. Minter or Gardening BC, but feel that his expertise is valued by many and we are happy that his idea's run parallel to what we practice at Laughing Swan Farm.
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