Elijah blue 

Festuca, also known as fescue, has more than 150 perennial species, from creeping red fescues used in lawns, to the 3' California fescue. Some are clump forming, and others are strong runners, but they are all cool season growers.  The varieties we grow are all clump forming.


Festuca glauca 'Elijah blue'     powder blue (the best colouring of the blues), the most durable, to 8" tall    flowers light tan, to 1' tall    zone 4     drought tolerant, full sun 

Festuca glauca 'Select'     blue-green foliage ,8" tall     flowers light tan, to 1' tall    zone 4    drought tolerant, full sun    

Festuca idahoensis   blue-grey to grey-green foliage, 2-3' tall    flowers tan, 3-4' tall     zone 3     drought tolerant, full sun