Gracillimus                                                                                 Graziella

Flamingo                                                                                     Malepartus

 Morning Light                                                                            Ghana



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Miscanthus sinensis is also known as maiden grass, eulalia, and Japanese silver grass.  Japan is the origin of most cultivated species, where it is called suzuki, and is used for their thatched roofs.  It is a warm season, clump forming grass.  There is a huge range of varieties, with many leaf colours and shapes, with different flower colours and heights, and season of blooming, as well as plant shapes.  They should be cut back in late spring, to about 4-6" above the ground. 


Miscanthus sin. 'Flamingo'     narrow green leaves   tall     flowers pink-tinted to 6' tall     zone

Miscanthus sin. 'Ghana'    

Miscanthus sin. 'Giganteous'    leaves wide, green with silver centers 8-11' tall    flowers silver, hint of pink to 13'  zone 4    used as biofuel

Miscanthus sin. 'Gracillimus'     leaves fine, green with white midrib 4-6' tall    flowers are copper/red, 5-7'     zone 5      has a graceful rounded form, one of the oldest cultivars, one of the last to bloom

Miscanthus sin. 'Graziella'     leaves fine, green, 4-5' tall     flowers silvery pink, 5-7'     zone 5     foliage turns rich copper/red in fall, flowers held high above the foliage, early bloomer

Miscanthus sin. 'Malepartus'     leaves wide, green, turn orange/gold in fall, 5' tall     flowers emerge dark red, fading to silver, 5-7', mid-season bloomer     zone 5

Miscanthus sin. 'Morning light'     foliage is elegant and fine, green with white edges     flowers          zone 5       foliage remains upright

Miscanthus sin. 'Purpurescens' (flame grass)     leaves green turning red/orange in fall, 3-4' tall     flowers silvery-pink,    4-5'     zone 4     foliage retains its colour throughout the winter, adding special interest

Miscanthus sin. 'Rotsilber'     leaves green, silver center, turn orange/red in fall, 3-4' tall     flowers open deep red, fade to silver 5-6' tall    zone 5

Miscanthus sin. 'Sarabande'     leaves narrow, green, turning bronze in fall, 3-4'     flowers gold/copper/bronze, 5-6'     zone 4

Miscanthus sin. 'Silberfeder' (silver feather)    leaves wide, green with white edges 5-7' tall     flowers are white 7-9' held high above foliage     zone 4    leaves can be somewhat lax   vase shape

Miscanthus sin. 'Strictus' (porcupine grass)     leaves green with blonde bars spaced apart, very erect, 4-6' tall     flowers are copper/bronze, 6-8'     zone 5

Miscanthus sin. 'Variegatus'   leaves green & white striped along the length, 5-6' tall     flowers reddish, 6-8', in late summer    zone 5     antique variety, one of the most popular

Miscanthus sin. 'Yaku Jima'     leaves narrow, green, reddish in fall, 3-4' tall     flowers red, turning silvery white, 4-5'     zone 5     native to the Japanese island Yaku Jima    compact plant

Miscanthus transmorrisonensis (Taiwanese maiden grass)     narrow green foliage to 3' tall     flowers buff, 5' tall held high above the foliage     zone 5     stays green until late in fall, can be evergreen in zone 6







Yaku Jima