Heavy Metal                                                                                Haense Herms


Shanandoah close up 

Panicum, also known as switchgrass or panic grass,  has about 400 native species; they were an integral part of the North American tall-grass prairie, and are long-lived.  They are all warm season grasses, blooming late in the summer, and the varieties we grow are all clumping.  They all have sturdy stems, lasting throughout the winter, and provide important protection for our birds in the spring.


Panicum virgatum 'Haense Herms'     foliage green (becoming red in autumn) 3+'' tall     flowers burgundy to 4' tall    zone 4

Panicum vir. 'Heavy Metal'    foliage metallic blue, very upright, 4' tall   flowers have pink tones, to 5'    zone 4                     very drought tolerant

Panicum vir. 'Ruby Ribbons'     green leaves, turning dark red in late summer, 4'     flowers are burgundy, 4-5'     zone 4

Panicum vir. 'Shenandoah'   green leaves, turning intense dark red in autumn, 4'    flowers are burgundy, 4-5'   zone 4           this variety stays upright, even through winter

Panicum vir. 'Strictum'     geen/grey leaves, 4-5'     flowers are burgundy     zone 4     an upright, older variety