Tail Feathers                                                                               Hameln

Prince                                                                                         Purple Majesty

Pennisetum is also called fountain grass.  The flowers on these grasses are bristle shaped, like a bottlebrush, and make great cut or dried flowers; the foliage is usually mounded, giving the appearance of a fountain.  Easy to grow in full sun or light shade, they like regular moisture.  They are warm season, clumping grasses.


Pennisetum alopecuroides     dark green leaves turn golden in fall, 2'+      flowers reddish-brown, 3'     zone 4

Pennisetum alop. 'Hameln'     green leaves, turning deep golden amber, 2'      flowers are light greenish white, 3'     zone 5

Pennisetum alop. 'Moudry'     glossy dark green leaves, 3/4" wide, 2' tall    flowers are large, smokey dark purple, 3' tall    zone 5        the flowers look spectacular when back-lit

Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty'     leaves are dark purple (they start green and turn purple with sun), 4-5' tall, looking like a corn plant     flowers are stiff, also dark purple, and look like millet, 5' tall, birds love the seeds    zone 7, grow as an annual, it is a wonderful container plant as well as in the ground

Pennisetum macrourum 'Tail Feathers'     green, narrow leaves, upright habit, 3-4'     flowers are beige, narrow and long, to 4'     zone 5     also wonderful in containers, they move in the breeze

Pennisetum orientale 'Tall Tails'     grey/green, fine textured leaves, 3 1/2'     flowers are feathery, ivory white, 4' tall    zone 6, or grow as an annual, does well in containers

Pennisetum purpureum 'Prince'     wide, dark burgundy leaves, 6'+ tall     no flowers    zone 8, grow as an annual      an absolutely spectacular specimen plant, grows very quickly once the soil is warm, spreading to 3' wide and 6' tall during the summer, planted in the ground; likes regular moisture

Pennisetum pur. 'Princess Caroline'     dark burgundy leaves, to 3' tall    no flowers     zone 8, grow as an annual      another wonderful container plant; a smaller version of the 'Prince'     leaves start green, become burgundy with sun; likes regular moisture

Pennisetum pur. 'Princess Molly'     dark burgundy leaves, 20" tall     no flowers      zone 8, grow as an annual     another great container plant, smaller than 'Princess Caroline'     leaves start green, become burgundy with sun; likes regular moisture

Pennisetum rubrum 'Purple Fountain Grass'     dark burgundy leaves, 3-4'     flowers are pinky/purple, arching, 4' tall, they sway in the slightest breeze & look great when back-lit     zone 7, grow as an annual     a fantastic container plant

Pennisetum rubrum 'Redhead'     leaves are green, rather stiff, 2' tall     flowers are dark red, 30" tall     zone 5     good in containers as well     great for cut flowers fresh or dried


Redhead                                                                                       Lime spray

Moudry                                                                                       Tall Tails